We realize it can be a feat to navigate through Los Angeles, most important be safe. With a class full of eager practitioners, we respectfully start each class on time and end it just the same. As a courtesy, with space provided we allow a ten (10) minute grace period for all classes. Beyond our 10 minutes of grace allotted, attendees will not be permitted to enter class.


We get you have a life outside Beyond Bikram, however please be mindful when attending by using our schedule to prepare for your attendance. Practitioners are expected to complete classes in full. In the event you need to leave early, please alert the Instructor prior and set yourself in a space where your exit will be the least distracting to your fellow practitioners (near the door, and in the second or third row please).


In a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class, the average male sheds 8-10lbs. of water weight, women 5-7lbs. Your sebaceous glands are open and you are detoxifying rapidly. Out of respect for one another, please be mindful and sensitive to your body odor. Perfumes, lotions, scented oils, hair sprays, even make-up can be offensive to others and ruin a fellow practitioner’s yoga or cycling experience. Wear clean yoga and cycling clothes. Keep your feet clean and toe nails properly manicured. After class, clean up and wipe your sweat please. In general stay mindful that we are a community that loves to sweat, cycle, and stretch together while maintaining healthy standards where everyone can be safe and sanitary.


In the yoga room, please attend the front row only if you are an experienced practitioner. The second and third row are cooler and reserved for those with injuries, practicing with modifications, and new to the studio. Each yoga room can accommodate more than 50 practitioners safely however please keep to your space: on your mat and towel while in class. If you must walk the room, only when it is still…it is dangerous to walk while one is in an asana, an injury can occur. No glass is permitted in the studio, and your water bottle should be on your mat along with any additional belongings.


Please turn all ringers and timers off when in the studio. Plenty of amazing music is provided during all indoor cycling classes for you to enjoy! While in the yoga studio please refrain from talking as most practitioners come for a full silent meditation. Once class is complete, please leave quietly and make sure to fold your mat and towel so sweat is contained from others in class.


Please refrain from pouring water over your head in class.

Please place your shoes on the racks outside class.

Please place all bags and belongings in the locker rooms, please do not leave any bags in the hallway. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please, please, please be mindful of wearing memorable, expensive jewelry in classes. We love to see you have an awesome, blissful class we just can’t stand to get the call when something really meaningful gets lost or left behind.


No one is perfect, we realize meditation with exercise can stir up very raw emotions. Our staff and instructors are here to support you however, foul language, sexually inappropriate attire and behavior, confrontational, erratic outbursts are discouraged and will not be tolerated. Please be mindful of all circumstances and judge accordingly.

Sign in starts and doors open 30 minutes before every class. Please sign in at front desk before entering your cycling or yoga class, please sign in before entering the changing rooms or steam room.

No practitioners will be admitted 10 minutes after the scheduled class has started.

Waitlisted classes will open 10 minutes before class starts. Those whom have lost their space may still attend if space is open.

Indoor Cycling no-shows are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. A late cancellation fee of $10 will be charged to anyone cancelling class less than 3 hours prior to the scheduled class time.

Yoga practitioners must practice with at least one mat and one bath sized towel.

Cell phones are not permitted in the yoga or indoor cycling room. While in the studios, please turn all ringers, and timers off or to silent.

Glass bottles are not permitted in the studio due to safety.

All sales are final. Classes are not transferable. All rates and packages are subject to change.

We are not responsible for items lost or left at the studio.

Beyond Bikram studios allow two classes per day maximum: One (1) Yoga Class and One (1) Indoor Cycling Class