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Beyond Bikram is a new brand with a lot of history!

Beyond Bikram first opened its doors June 1, 2012 as Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey (BYMDR), establishing itself as the first and only authentic Bikram Yoga studio on the west side of Los Angeles.


In June, 2014 BYMDR acquired Bikram Yoga Hermosa Beach (BYHB) providing an additional studio and opportunity for practitioners in the South Bay. As pure 26+2 studios, only senior teachers certified only through the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage via the Bikram Yoga College of India guide. The studios serve as a global family, a community that continues to welcome practitioners of all levels for the ultimate Hot Yoga experience. With a premier heating systems, sanitary antibacterial flooring, cold pressed juice, showers, lockers, and herbal infused steam rooms; both studios hands down have been the destination for strong yoga devotees.

The journeys of both BYMDR and BYHB have been amazing however, Bikram’s Yoga College of India has been faced with extremely controversial circumstances. Founder Bikram Choudury has become the focus of negative press, accusations, and it unfortunately has tainted the ability for the yoga to grow in a positive light. Neither studio or staff has never condoned or supported the behavior that have taken place. In fact, the opposite…Challyn Markray as a female business owner, mother of three girls gets it and understands how the Bikram community has been paralyzed. She continues to support all men and women on the founding faith that “You’re Never Too Old and It’s Never

too Late to Start Again from Scratch.” There has never been, and will never be any financial support provided to Bikram Choudury or Bikram’s Yoga College of India.

In the midst of the chaos, both studios will move past the negativity and Beyond Bikram. This will provide a space for growth in the midst of disarray. An opening to provide new types of Yoga and exercise, a new beginning.


The name Beyond Bikram is inspired by embracing not just Bikram Yoga but other forms of exercise.


The base beginner’s series (26+2) has always been known and praised for its healing properties. Men, women, and children have been able to heal themselves in a safe place where regardless of skill or age all have received benefits. Beyond Bikram will continue this lineage and add to it by adding cycling and other types of hot yoga.

As an introduction to provide individuals with the strength and flexibility one needs to successfully navigate through other forms of exercise. Indoor Cycling, also known as Spinning is a technique introduced in the early nineties. Just as Bikram Yoga was becoming a household name, Spinning and Indoor Cycling was also gaining popularity.

Over the years, practitioners thirsting for the ultimate form of exercise have found both Yoga and Cycling as a great combination. Cycling provides the depth one looks for with a strong cardiovascular component, there is music, and most classes are quick at 45-55 minutes. Cycling is safe much like yoga, low impact on one’s joints, and most important: unparalleled results! Yoga as a compliment provides one the opportunity to focus, stretch, and heal either before or after a cycling class. While both modalities are demanding, both are necessary for a strong and healthy physique. Each is challenging yet restorative, both build strength and endurance, both are forms of exercise one can sustain and practice indefinitely.

Beyond Bikram will launch as the first studio in Southern California to combine and offer two of the most popular forms of safe and successful exercise! Hosting over 100 classes per week with the opportunity to share memberships between both Venice/Marina and Hermosa Beach Beyond Bikram serves as a pioneer in the fitness industry.